we are specializing in package design for FMCG
April 19: & still trying to make something positive, colorful and tasty for Ukraine. It's incredible that Ukrainian clients are still working with us. 🙂 🤞🇺🇦🤞#dpjn #packagingdesign Шоколадна фабрика Roshen
March 22: &It’s unbelievable that new products are still being created in Ukraine! They’re absolutely unstoppable! 🇺🇦✌️#packagingdesign #dpjn
March 07: & fresh and colorful cheese spread design and it’s not toothpaste, but you can try :))🤷🏼‍♂️😎 #dpjn #packagingdesign
FELICI. Graci Granola
Unilever. Viva Ice cream
Zekants. Pupuchi Snacks
Karat. Melted Cheese
Share. Drink and Ice Tea
Kaija. Fish Peas